SPHEROTM Rainbow Fluorescent Particles


The Rainbow Fluorescent Particles are similar to Rainbow Calibration Particles, as described before, except that these represent uniform size particles with a single intensity. The Rainbow Fluorescent Particles are usually the brightest peak of the corresponding Rainbow Calibration Particles, as shown in Figure 7, with the exception of RFP-50-5, RFP-100-2, and RFP30-5A. The RFP-30-5A has an fl uorescence intensity similar to stained cells in all channels. Since the Rainbow Fluorescent Particles contain a single peak with very small fluorescence and size CV, they are very useful in the alignment of the optical system of the flow cytometer in all channels.

  • Consists of a prediluted, single peak for optical alignment of any flow cytometer in any channel
  • Contains a single peak with a very small fluorescence and size CV
  • Fluorescent in UV, FITC, PE, PE-TR, PE-Cy5, PE-Cy7, APC, APC-Cy7, and IR channels
  • Measures the coefficients of variation (CVs), peak channels, and histogram distribution of flow cytometers.

SPHEROTM Rainbow Calibration and Rainbow QC Kits

The Rainbow Calibration Kit and Rainbow QC Kit are designed to simplify the routine calibration of flow cytometers.

SPHERO TM Rainbow QC Kit (Cat. No. RCK-3K) Consists of one vial of each of the following articles:

  • RCP-30-5A-1 (Peak 1), 3.0-3.4µm, 107/mL, 5mL
  • RCP-30-5A-4 (Peak 4), 3.0-3.4µm, 107/mL, 5mL
  • RCP-30-5A-8 (Peak 8), 3.0-3.4µm, 107/mL, 5mL

SPHEROTM Rainbow Calibration Kit (Cat. No. RQC-4K) Consists of one vial each of the following articles:

  • BCP-60-2, 6.0-6.4µm, 107/mL, 2mL
  • RFP-60-2, 6.0-6.4µm, 107/mL, 2mL
  • RCP-30-2L (Peaks 1-4), 3.0-3.4µm, 107/mL, 2mL
  • RCP-30-2H (Peaks 5-8), 3.0-3.4µm, 107/mL, 2mL

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